I feel that you are looking forward to the opportunity to meet again in the beautiful place of the Ukrainian Carpathians in a wonderful summer time to exchange experiences and discuss modern trends in the development of phlebology with the involvement of leading world experts, as well as to outline the prospects for further improvement of the quality of care for patients with venous pathology. Since at previous meetings we exhausted the possibility of holding monothematic conferences, therefore, during July 4-6, 2024, all components of phlebology will be considered: methods of diagnosing CVD, assessment of the current state of use of open and endovenous methods of eliminating pathological reflux, aesthetic phlebology, venous ulcers, chronic blood flow disorders in the veins of the pelvis and deep veins of the lower extremities, venous thromboembolism. A special place, as usual, will be occupied by the consideration of interesting clinical cases in phlebology. I hope for your active participation both in conducting sectional meetings and in presenting clinical cases. The desire of an increasing number of foreign colleagues to take part in our annual conference requires a change in the format of its holding - this time we are planning a maximum of presentations in English (the reports of colleagues from Europe and the USA will be recorded and translated into Ukrainian, in the future the speakers will be contacted for answers to your questions), speakers from Ukraine prepare slides in English, report to the audience in Ukrainian. Taking into account the positive feedback from last year's master classes, we plan to once again organize an opportunity for you to learn the basics of diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic venous diseases.

See you in Yaremcha on July 4-6, 2024!

Yours, Professor Ivan Gudz
Contact Information
Ukraine, Yaremche, I. Petrasha Street, 6A
4th floor Conference hall of the "Karpats`ki zori" hotel
Remains until the start of the conference
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